Useful Templates for First-Time Instructors

Harish Guda


I am writing this post as I complete my first quarter of teaching as an Assistant Professor. I taught the core Operations and Supply Chain Management to FT MBAs.1

As I went through this process for the first time, I realized that I needed templates for various files (e.g., syllabus, exams, homework assignments, case writeups, instruction slides, etc.). While there was an abundance of such resources online, it is hard for a single user to try out everything to weed out the bad ones from the good ones. I realized that many new instructors might have similar needs in the various courses they teach. The point of this post is to share what I gathered. I indulged in this costly search, so you don’t have to :).

Here are some of these templates (see Github repo).

  1. My students were amazing and I wish every instructor gets to teach the type of students I taught last quarter.↩︎

  2. I fill the blanks by writing on my slides. I use a Microsoft Surface Book, which, like most touchscreen laptops allows users to write on slides using a stylus. If you are a new instructor and planning on purchasing a laptop for long-term use, I highly recommend a Surface Book. There’s an accompanying warranty of two years (at a small premium) which is also something I recommend.↩︎